About us

After many trips to Sweden, where we were able to enjoy the vastness and tranquility of Swedish nature, we purchased our property in Belse in the summer of 2014, fulfilling a great dream.

In the past 40 years, we have both gained a lot of professional experience in the design and craft sector as well as in the health care sector.

Our beautiful property now allows us to fulfill many of our ideas, preferences and dreams.

With the construction of the new guest house in 2020/2021, we have taken another step towards emigration. In spring 2022 we will say goodbye to Switzerland and start over.

Our two sons Dominic-Micha and Nicola-Jannis can still be encountered in Switzerland.

Togheter with our Labrador dog and the two cats we are living on our 1.5 akre big Property

We are looking forward to meeting you.

Renate & Stefan